About the Blog

This is blog is in the internet mainly because of my colleagues:

Having worked with computers for nearly 20 years,with an internet connection for 16 years and working in science for nearly 8 years on many different subjects – try energy optimization in breweries and high-pressure biothermofluiddynamics for diversity – i seem to have accumulated some useful knowledge. I get typically asked a lot of small stuff regarding computers, experimental setups etc. („I just couldn’t really google it“). Also I like show off (who doesn’t) some of my home projects to my colleagues.

So last week last week we were having an after work beer the question came up „Why don’t you put this stuff up in sourceforge or forum’s, wiki’s etc. Don’t just tell us.“. But the stuff doesn’t really rate that much: my programming code isn’t very pretty, some insights in experimental setups aren’t long enough for wiki entry’s anywhere – long story short the decision I will try for a blog – here it is.

Anyone interested about me go to: www.brauingenieur.de